Founded in 2005, when VOIP was an emerging technology, 3CX has since established itself as a global leader in business communications. Leveraging open standards SIP and WebRTC technology, 3CX has evolved from its roots as a PBX telephone system to a complete communication platform.

Providing customers with a simple, flexible, and affordable solution for calling, video, and live chat. With 3CX, enterprises can increase productivity, and improve the customer experience, while significantly reducing cost and management hassles.

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From establishing your digital footprints to taking your businesses to the next level over the last 15 years, we got all of that covered. With the help of the greatest IT Wizards and Marketing Muggles, we want to become the one-stop solution for each and every requirement in your business.

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Just log in to the customer portal. If you have multiple license keys, select the license key you want to renew. Then click the Free Upgrades section. Then select the required free upgrade.

You can choose from 4SC Pro, 4SC ENT, or 4-1024SC Standard. You can switch between free options in the first year. Remember, we also offer you a completely free year of free hosting-check it out!

If your 3CX system requires more simultaneous calls, your partner can arrange a POC. 3CX partners can upgrade their current subscription for 45 days free of charge for editions and simultaneous calls.

You can just directly get in touch with us as we are Team IHA and we are a designated bronze partner of 3CX. We are considered to be the best 3CX partner globally and we have got that stand for our round-the-clock technical support services that too free of cost.

3CX does not offer plans for 3CX communication systems. You have the flexibility to choose your SIP Trunk / VoIP provider to suit your needs and budget. You can use any SIP trunk, including existing lines. It is highly recommended to choose one of the supported SIP trunk providers

The 3CX mobile app is not a standalone app. You need to configure the 3CX communication system with extensions and SIP trunks. If you need help with this, please contact your 3CX partner.

If you are confident that this has happened; then the administrator will send you a welcome email to configure the 3CX app.

Or you can just:

  • Scan the QR code
  • Click the mobile device configuration file.

You are ready to use the 3CX app.

The benefits of trading in a 3CX Perpetual License for an Annual Subscription.

  • Enjoy it completely free in the very first year!
  • The annual license includes maintenance.

Immediate upgrade to the latest version. Simply log in to the 3CX Customer Portal, find your subscription, and click more. Select trade-in and follow the instructions.

The extension’s web client credentials can be found in the email titled “New 3CX User Account” sent by the 3CX administrator. This email also contains the voicemail PIN and QR code for the 3CX app. It will be sent to the 3CX administrator’s email address registered in the extension.

  • If you do not receive this email, you will need to send a “welcome email” with your extension number from your administrator.
  • If you have already configured the 3CX app, tap the app menu in the left corner. Then select Settings-> Resend Credentials.

Note: 3CX cannot send extension credentials. You will not be able to access the information and data of your company’s 3CX Phone System.

When deploying 3CX through the installer, administrator credentials are sent to the email address provided during license activation during deployment of the 3CX communication system. If you deploy 3CX through the Customer Portal, your credentials will only appear once at the end of the process.

3CX does not have access to your credentials. However, if you lose your credentials, you can recover them by following the instructions.

You can also restore your credentials from a backup. As a last resort, open a support ticket. We will support you.

This law has the following requirements:

  • 911 calls can be dialed without an area code.
  • If you receive an emergency call, you need to notify the appropriate person.

How do I configure 3CX to comply with Kari’s Law?

A step-by-step video guide is available that emphasizes the following:

  • Identify the emergency number and set it in 3CX Management Console> Settings> General> Emergency Number.
  • There is no extension number corresponding to the emergency number. Extensions such as 911 and 112.

Appropriate personnel who are notified of the required information when an emergency number is dialed (such as the dialed number or the extension to call an emergency service) can be notified in the following ways:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Pre-recorded announcements on 3CX

If you or someone else tries to log in to 3CX more than once with the wrong credentials, 3CX will block access from that IP address. This is done to protect the 3CX communication system from future malicious demands. In this case, you will see the following message:

The IP address that was blocked and caused this ban could be one of the local IP addresses of your computer, IP phone, or mobile phone. When hosted, external IPs for Internet access are blocked. This will prevent all users using the same IP from accessing 3CX.

How to unblock:
To remove a blocked IP address:

  • Requires administrator access to the CX management console
  • Log in to the 3CX Management Console from another unblocked IP address. If 3CX is on the network, use another PC. If 3CX is in the cloud, use your mobile data plan (disable WiFi!).
  • After logging in, go to 3CX Dashboard-> Blacklisted IP
  • Find the IP in question (you may see a lot of legitimate blocked addresses here) and press Remove.

Prevent future blocks:

To prevent this particular IP from being banned in the future, remove the entry. Then whitelist the specific IP. Change Block to Allow to specify that this IP should be allowed. This is useful, for example, in a static field office. Use with caution as 3CX will no longer trigger the anti-hacking feature on this IP. Only allow trusted and trusted IP addresses.

Steps to install the 3CX Click2Call Extension for v18:

  • Go to the Google Chrome Store and click the Add to Chrome option in the upper right to add the extension to your browser.
  • When a pop-up window like the one above appears, select Add Extension.
  • In the upper right corner of your browser, you will see a notification notifying you that the extension has been added.

Now when you click on the extended puzzle icon in the upper right corner of your browser, you will see the Click2Call icon.

Go to the 3CX web client and refresh the page. 3CX Click2Call is set automatically.

Click the number to start the call, depending on the app/device that configured Click2Call.

The client opens a new window with the number already inserted.

Click Call to start the call. When the browser pop-up appears, make sure you have selected the device you are using. If you don’t see 3CX as the above option, follow these steps:

  • In Windows Search Bar, type “Default app”.
  • Then scroll down and select Select default app by protocol
  • Scroll down and change the TEL links to the 3CX desktop app

Make sure you have entered a valid address to proceed to check out your shopping cart from the Billing Information section. Select an address from the drop-down menu.

If you don’t see your address because it’s not on Google Maps, select the nearest address from the list.

Steps to be followed:

  • Log in to the Customer Portal.
  • Select “My Partner” at the top right of the screen.
  • You will see a list of local partners in your area. Please contact the partner of your choice.
  • You can then click Connect to link your 3CX subscription to this partner.

By connecting your account to your partner, our information will be displayed to your partner. The partner can then manage the subscription. That is, you can update and upgrade your keys. This means that you will not get login credentials for your phone system or access, call reports, or other sensitive data.

Otherwise, you can just directly connect with us as we are a designated partner for 3CX and provide the technical support for free.

3CX does not provide direct support to our customers.

  • If your subscription is associated with a 3CX partner, please contact them.
  • If you are not currently working with a 3CX partner, we highly recommend that you connect with us as we provide Technical support round the clock and we don’t even charge a single penny for it, with you also get a dedicated account manager and in-house cloud telephony services.
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